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    free webmaster toolsfree webmaster tools

    Social Bookmarks Service - your visitors can add your site to more than 40 social bookmarks sites.
    Free Logo Creator - create custom 3d logos and headings online, many styles.
    Free Slogan Generator - enter your word we build you a slogan around it.
    Alexa Pagerank Checker - instantly check the alexa pagerank of any web site.
    Ascii to Unicode Converter - an online tool that easily converts ascii text to unicode.
    Bookmarks Creator - your visitors can add you site to their social bookmarks.
    Case Converter - convert from lower case to upper case and back.
    Colored Forms Creator - create colored forms your choice of colors, fonts and more.
    Colored Scrollbars Creator - create colored scrollbars your choice of colors, simple.
    CSS Button Maker - make custom buttons for your website or myspace profile.
    Email Link Generator - create email links that will prefill users compose email window.
    Free Font Filters Css - create cool special effects for your text with our generator.
    Free Frames Maker - enter your info, make frames easily generate your frameset code.
    Free Screen Resolution Tester - see if your pages side scroll in various window sizes.

    Free Meta Tag Generator - helps search engine ranking + cool page transition effects.
    Free Search Engine Submitter - submit your site any time to 35 search engines for free.
    Google Page Index Checker - verify your webpages are in google's search index.
    Google Pagerank Checker - instantly check to see the google pagerank of any webpage.
    Html Encrypter - protect the source code of your webpages from prying eyes and robots.
    Html to Text Converter - strip out javascript, html tags and whitespace from your source.
    Link Popularity - check to see who is linking to your site in various search engines.
    Name Server Lookup - find the host name of an ip address, reverse DNS.
    Robots.txt Generator - create and download a properly formatted robots.txt file.
    Unicode to Ascii Converter - an online tool that instantly converts unicode to ascii text.
    Whois Domain Name Look Up - see if your website contact information is correct.



    website building resourcesfree website building resources

    Adsense Preview Tool - enter URL and select from available ad sizes to preview ads.
    Affiliate Programs - make money with affiliate programs we have found to perform well.
    Ascii Chart - use this chart to look up the ascii code equivalent for text symbols.
    Chmod Calculator - find the numerical chmod value for your desired permissions.
    Color Converter Tools - convert hex to rgb to vrml, convert to web browser safe colors.
    Common Font Face Styles - webpage fonts that provide proper browser rendering.
    Font Filter Tweaks - examples of cool text effects you can create for your webpages.
    Form Element Types - examples of various common parts used to build forms.
    Free Clipart Gallery - browse tons of free clipart images in many categories.
    Free Fonts Archive - download tons of free fonts for use in your projects.
    Freeware Font Tools - download font viewers, utilities and special effects.
    How to Install Fonts in Windows - simple instructions how to install fonts in windows.
    Support - information on webpage and site building.
    Web Browser Safe Color Chart - a chart of colors that will display correctly in all browsers.
    What are Domains and Subdomains? - a short tutorial about domains and subdomains.
    Free Webmaster Tools - our free generators and creators to aid you in web design.


    free wap website resourcesfree wap website resources

    Wap Page Creator - create and download your wap webpage, no wap knowledge needed.
    Wap Clipart Images - download our wap clipart images in wbmp format.
    1PD Wap Website - our wireless wap website for cellphone and pda access.





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